Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Julia Sweeney, Congress, and an XBox

Earlier today I found a link to a short video clip of Julia Sweeney performing a portion of her Letting Go of God show for the TED conference. I had heard an interview with Julia on the Freethought Radio podcast, but had never heard any of her show. It was terrific! I found out that her entire show was also available on Audible.

As it happens, my wife recently started a subscription to Audible (in order to download The Secret as audiobook -- more on that later, I promise). So a few clicks later and I had purchased the Letting Go of God audiobook/reading. I'm nearly halfway through and have been really enjoying it.

Another exciting bit of news from today is that a (not yet identified) congressman is going to come out of The Other Closet in an announcement next Monday, to become the first openly nontheistic congressman. Jesse Ventura has made comments that might indicate that he is also a nontheist, but from Governor to Congressman is a step in the right direction. I can't wait to find out who this is.

And finally, on a personal note, I won an XBox 360 today! I'm not a huge gamer, even though I've been enjoying my Wii. I always figured a 360 (and certainly a PS3) were out the realm of possibility just from a price perspective. But hey, if they're just gonna give me one.... I submitted a few of my PowerShell scripts to Microsoft for a promotional contest they were holding. There would be a drawing in each of several categories, with the prizes ranging from an XBox 360 (core) for each category, to any of several TShirt prizes.

The contest was over in December, and the expected announcement date came and went in mid-January, and I didn't hear anything and their website hasn't been updated since the contest was over. So I'd given up weeks ago. But I got FOUR emails from Microsoft today, and I had won the top prize for one category, and the TShirt prize in three others! Wow!

I've never won 'the big prize' in anything before, and I've never won anything in a drawing, period. This is very exciting!


lynn's daughter said...

I've listened to Julia's book from audible. Richard Dawkin's unabridged self (The God Delusion) is also available and I think hearing him speak was much more enjoyable that reading him. Sam Harris' book is also available on audible, as well. Have fun!

Naomi said...

I'm also curious who the about-to-come-out Congressperson could be.

I sincerely hope it's not one of the six who list "unaffiliated"--because I want it to be one of the "raving xians"!

S/he will be able to help form a teeny caucus--"GLBT and Atheist Caucus, the least respected people in Fundie-USA"! Already eligible are out-Barney Frank (D-MA) and out-Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) who lists her religion as "unaffiliated-GLBT".

In case you haven't read it, I posted Atheism and the American Congress (which became my "audition" at GifS; I just didn't know it when I drafted it for Jimmer to post!). Here's the URL:

There's a ton of info in there--but the most important point is that there could be many more than just this new one!

Oh, and congratulations on the Xbox! I'm sure your competition was pretty stiff!