Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jolt with my Java: Revised

Mojoey reported on a disturbing message at Starbucks -- on one of their coffee cups! The Starbucks the way i see it program, which prints messages submitted from their customers on the sides of their coffee cups, is now accepting messages from religious groups, and Mojoey happened upon message #224, from Dr. Jonathan Wells, a Discovery Institute supporter:

Darwinism's impact on traditional social values has not been as benign as its advocates would like us to believe. Despite the efforts of its modern defenders to distance themselves from its baleful social consequences, Darwinism's connection with eugenics, abortion and racism is a matter of historical record. And the record is not pretty.
-- Dr. Jonathan Wells
Biologist and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.
Reading that, I realized how easy it would be to swap out a few words and arrive at the following statement: (the modified words are italicized)

Christianity's impact on traditional social values has not been as benign as its advocates would like us to believe. Despite the efforts of its modern defenders to distance themselves from its baleful social consequences, Christianity's connection with wars, witch-hunts and discrimination is a matter of historical record. And the record is not pretty.
Anybody else want to make a version?


The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

"Dr. Jonathon Wells' impact on progressive scientific thought has not been as benign as his advocates would like us to believe. Despite the efforts of his defenders to distance themselves from his baleful intellectual conclusions, Wells' connection with dishonest researchers, arrogant pundits, and agenda-driven religiosos is a matter of historical record. And the record is not pretty."

I'd put it more succinctly as (in the words of Dethklok's Skwisgaar) "Wells is dildos."

anti-nonsense said...

The religious right's impact on traditional values of free speech has not been as benign as his advocate would like us to believe. Despite the efforts of it's defenders to distance themselves from it's bigotry and ignorance, the religious rights connection with violence and discrimination is a matter of historical record. And the record is not pretty.

vjack said...

I'm probably in the minority here, but it would never occur to me to read what was written on a coffee cup. Just think of all the superstitious drivel I may have been missing!

Sacred Slut said...

You can make comments about "the way I see it" on starbucks' website. Go to Our Stores and look for "the way I see it" on the left menu. Then there's a comment form on the menu under that or go thru FAQ to find it.

Some of the comments they get are posted as "letters to the editor" so go make a stink. Apparently one of Rick Warren's quotations was on a cup and got a lot of reaction.

Me, I just drink my double tall nonfat sugarfree Vanilla Latte, extra hot, and throw away the cup. I never even think to take off the sleeve.

The Alpha said...

can't say that I've taken an active interest in reading my cups. As Vjack has state, it appears I've been missing out on some "good" reading.

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