Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"that was from the devil"

Ok, a short post for once. I just wanted to relate a story I found amusing and to present a challenge!

Background: this was the first time all five us (me, wife, sister-in-law, kiddo#1, kiddo#2) had been able to have a meal at the table together in several nights, due to food poisoning and much subsequent nastiness afflicting my wife and both kiddos. The other four sing (or mumble, or coo -- depending on age) a little blessing at the table most nights, that begins and ends with "the Lord's been good to us"
Others: [singing] ... and the Lord's been good to us!
Me: Except for that food poisoning thing.
Sister-in-law: That was from the devil.
Not roll-on-the-floor funny I know, but I have always found the Christian ability to invoke the devil as the antagonist in any situation fairly amusing. I don't know if anybody has named this phenomenon yet, but if not then I propose naming it the Dichotomy of Attribution.

I did not react to this statement at the time, thereby resuming our taboo against discussing religion at the table. (as evidenced by my wife furiously ignoring my comment) Although in other circumstances, this would be my answer:

So, either God was powerless to stop the devil, God is not omniscient and didn't know, or God allowed it through inaction. Which is it?
My challenge to you is to come up to a short response in 25 words or less. (Be civil. No name-calling.) I'm looking forward to hearing other responses!


Dan Marvin said...

I have a book for you to read Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. You can either get the book or here is a clip from the DVD. I am here to help with the truth. The evidence is compelling if you have an open mind and are truly searching for truth.

Just a concerned family man,


daily wackadoo said...

I had a simliar argument with my wife last night.
I like to argue by asking questions and letting them make the statements themselves.
"So is God Good?"
- Yes
"So if a person is in a situation and has the power to stop evil from happening, what would you consider this person if he doesn't stop this evil? Eg: There's an evil guy that is going to hurt an innocent child (possibly your son), and you have the power to stop it. What kind of person would you be if you didn't stop it?"
- Evil
So why doesn't God stop evil in the world?
[No answer]
Think about it.

David W. said...

Hi Dan, thanks for the info on the book. I've added it to my wishlist. As you can see I've got quite a bit of material lined up but I'd be happy to give Strobel's book a try, in turn.

I believe, though, that any evidence that is considered subjetively compelling (i.e., it requires a certain position or state of mind from the observer to be compelling) might not be very good evidence at all.

The Alpha said...

I wouldn't have been able to contain my laughter at the table. Kuddos for self-control.

So, either God was powerless to stop the devil, God is not omniscient and didn't know, or God allowed it through inaction. Which is it?

LOL. I'm guessing this was a question for the theists, because it is a loaded question. There is no option suggesting that perhaps God doesn't exist reply. I think most theists would say God allowed it through inaction to make you appreciate what your otherwise good health. You needed to suffer in order to appreciate what would otherwise be 'mundane' good health.

The Exterminator said...

In answer to your challenge:

Who created the microorganisms responsible for the sickness? If god, what was his design? If the devil, then god must not be the sole designer. (25 words)

Sacred Slut said...

David, David, David. It's all because of the Fall, don't you see?

I'm shocked at how many Christians literally believe in the existence of the devil. This was not a part of the theology I was brought up in but I hear it all the time. In fact, I overheard some people talking about it at Starbucks a couple of weeks ago. I had to restrain myself from smacking someone upside the head.